The scope of services provided by the accountancy-auditing office includes:

Auditing services

Auditing activities and other services provided by statutory auditors listed in the Law of 7 May 2009 on Statutory Auditors, as follows:
  • Tax consultancy;
  • Publishing or training activity in accounting, auditing and taxation;
  • Performing expert appraisals or economic and financial opinions;
  • Provision of attestation services, consultancy or management, requiring a knowledge in the field accounting or auditing.

Audit of individual and consolidated financial statements – professional and efficient financial audit conducted by experienced certified auditors.

Accounting services

Our comprehensive accounting service, conducted by qualified specialists in the following sectors and areas:

1. Accounting books and financial reporting:
a) keeping accounting books, including taking into account the guidelines for reporting and billing the EU projects,
b) preparing financial reports,
c) reporting for the purpose of entity management,
d) external financial reporting to authorities and banks,
e) accounting oversight and current tax-related consultancy,
f) the removal of the tax and accounting backlog.

2. Keeping accounting books:
a) fixed amount tax,
b) flat rate,
c) keeping income and expenditures book.

3. Payroll and human resources management:

Human resources management:
a) keeping (removal) of employee’s personal files and work records in accordance with binding regulations of the labour code and the needs of entity - the records of holiday leaves, overtime, sick leaves,
b) monitoring of employer responsibilities in compliance with existing regulations of labour code,
c) preparing an agreed form of employment agreements,
d) preparing the certificates for workers.

Payroll management:
a) preparation of payroll documents basing on remuneration systems of employer,
b) keeping records of compensation of employees,
c) registering and unregistering the insurance of employees,
d) settlements in the range of: PIT, ZUS, PFRON,

4. Other financial and accounting services:
a) preparation of economic analysis, credit applications and business plans,
b) identifying and fulfilling the duties of statistical reporting,
c) organization and informatization of accounting (cooperation in the implementation of accounting programs, creating the accounting policy, workflow, cash and storage instructions),
d) assistance in the preparation of sales invoices and internal invoices,
e) the registration of taxpayers in the offices and updating the data,
f) cooperation in the implementation of budgeting systems and adapting them to individual needs,
g) the annual accounts of individual customers

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